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Minister Survey 2019

PC(U.S.A.) Research Services is conducting the first-ever comprehensive study of ministers.  The survey will address General Assembly mandates, physical, mental, and financial health, the satisfaction of call, and more.

The research seeks to answer the questions that are asked by those seeking a call, seeking a minister, the church at large, and other ministers like you.

The online survey is lengthy, 45 minutes. Here is how to access the study:

  1. Call to Health members login and earn 50 points for completing it.  Call to Health is part of the Board of Pensions wellness plan that covers four dimensions of wholeness: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational.  This minister survey covers each of those dimensions.
  2. Not enrolled in or eligible for Call to Health?  Type or copy this link into your browser:

You may receive the link from your church or presbytery. Please only take the survey once.  Thank you for participating! 

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